The Best Face Brightening Creams for Glowing Skin - Us Weekly (2023)

The Best Face Brightening Creams for Glowing Skin - Us Weekly (1)

If you’re looking for a good face-brightening cream, you’ve come to the right place. For many people, getting their skin to look brighter and more even-toned is a top priority, and for a good reason. It can be a sign of health and youth and can make us look more refreshed and vibrant.

In this article, we have a short list of the leading face-brightening creams of 2023. We’ll explore a variety of factors such as price, ingredients, and customer reviews to come up with our recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious pick or something more affordable, we’ll help find something for you. Keep reading to find out which face-brightening cream is right for you.

The Top Face Brightening Creams of 2023

  • Tree of Life Face Brightening Cream
  • DERMA-E Face Brightening Cream
  • Neutrogena Face Brightening Cream
  • TruSkin Face Brightening Cream
  • Olay Face Brightening Cream

The Top Face Brightening Creams of 2023

Tree of Life Face Brightening Cream – Best Overall

The Best Face Brightening Creams for Glowing Skin - Us Weekly (2)

The Tree of Life Face Brightening Cream is an exceptional skincare product that helps give users a glowing, luminous complexion. This fast-absorbing vitamin C-based cream works to reduce the appearance of dark spots and brightens skin tone, leaving you looking naturally radiant. It also contains thoughtfully chosen ingredients that are perfect for sensitive skin types or tones, making it suitable for any skin type. The moisturizer is simple and easy to apply by massaging into the face, neck, and décolleté after cleansing and drying the skin. Plus, it absorbs pretty quickly, with no greasy residue left behind.

Tree of Life wants to give users clean, effective, and attainable skincare products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. The brand provides a hassle-free money-back guarantee on their products if you are not fully satisfied with their purchase. And thanks to its cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested ingredients, we picked this face-brightening cream as our top choice.


  • Lightweight formula that moisturizes skin
  • No parabens or other harmful ingredients
  • A little goes a long way
  • Friendly to sensitive skin


  • May not be moisturizing enough for dryer skin

DERMA-E Face Brightening Cream – Best for Nighttime

The Best Face Brightening Creams for Glowing Skin - Us Weekly (3)

The DERMA-E Face Brightening Cream is an effective, anti-aging skin renewal product that can help improve and brighten the tone and texture of your skin while you sleep. This luxurious cream contains natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, probiotics, and rooibos to hydrate, protect, and firm up the skin. The star ingredient, vitamin C, contains both brightening and anti-aging properties that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and uneven skin tone.

This skincare product contains sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients that are free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and other harmful junk. Plus, it even comes in recyclable packaging making it an eco-friendly choice for skin care products. Be sure to apply daily to clean skin using a rich layer and massaging it into the skin until it absorbs — the results could be truly remarkable.


  • Makes skin softer and brighter
  • Absorbs fast w
  • Fades acne scars and brightens complexion
  • Cruelty-free and vegan


  • Some may not like the fragrance

Neutrogena Face Brightening Cream – Best for Everyday Use

The Best Face Brightening Creams for Glowing Skin - Us Weekly (4)

The Neutrogena Bright Boost Face Brightening Cream is a revolutionary product that is great for anyone looking to reveal a brighter, more refreshed complexion. Featuring a lightweight, prestige-inspired, gel-cream base, this product helps to instantly brighten and kick-start tired, dull skin. It gets its power from brightening Neoglucosamine and several different acids including AHA, PHA, and mandelic acid, which all work together to resurface and gently exfoliate the skin. This in turn helps to boost cell turnover ten times, leaving the skin significantly smoother, firmer, and brighter.

The formula is also dermatologist-tested and clinically proven to benefit the skin. Its formulation can also work on all skin types and begin evening out skin tone, texture, and fine lines in as little as a week. This incredible cream may even reduce redness and hyperpigmentation Plus, it’s oil-free, alcohol-free, and non-comedogenic. Neutrogena’s brightening cream is truly a great choice for anyone looking for a gentle yet effective formula that will reveal their best skin.


  • Gentle enough to use every day
  • Lightweight formula
  • A small amount goes a long way
  • Boosts skin cell turnover


  • May pill under makeup

TruSkin Face Brightening Cream – Most Lightweight

The Best Face Brightening Creams for Glowing Skin - Us Weekly (5)

The TruSkin Face Brightening Cream is an advanced anti-aging wrinkle cream that offers many health benefits to the skin. Formulated with natural ingredients including vitamin B5, vitamin E, jojoba oil, organic aloe vera, and green tea, this moisturizer helps promote your skin’s natural health and restore its youthful glow. The powerful antioxidant vitamin C works to brighten skin tone and reduce the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation. It also helps to boost your skin’s natural sun protection (you’ll still need an SPF, of course), refine texture, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Other plant-based ingredients like aloe, green tea, shea butter, and organic sunflower help to keep the skin nourished and healthy-looking. This cruelty-free formula even comes from the USA for guaranteed freshness. And its lightweight formula absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving a greasy finish, so you can trust it to keep your skin looking its best.


  • Hydrates skin and leaves it feeling firm
  • Brightens and evens skin tone
  • Fragrance-free
  • Great base for makeup application


  • May irritate sensitive skin types

Olay Face Brightening Cream – Most Hydrating

The Best Face Brightening Creams for Glowing Skin - Us Weekly (6)

The Olay Regenerist Face Brightening Cream is an effective anti-aging cream for those looking to target dark spots and achieve brighter skin. Its blend of vitamin C, niacinamide/vitamin B3, and lactic acid visibly brightens and hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and looking more even in tone. The moisturizer has an alluring citrus scent, melts into the skin quickly, and won’t clog pores or leave any greasy residue behind.

For those seeking visible results, this moisturizer delivers its promise of achieving two times brighter skin in as little as 28 days. With continued use over time, you should be able to notice your skin looking less tired and appearing brighter, smoother, and more even, especially when used both day and night. Plus all the products in this line are free from harsh or potentially irritating ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, or dyes.


  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Helps even out skin tone
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Fast absorption


  • More expensive than similar products

Face Brightening Creams: A Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to finding the right face-brightening cream, there are many factors to consider. This guide will help you out by providing an overview of the key product features to consider before making a purchase.


It’s important to find natural and organic ingredients that have proven brightening benefits. Some great examples to look out for include kojic acid, niacinamide vitamin C, or salicylic acid. Just be sure to avoid products with chemical irritants such as parabens, sulfates, and fragrances as you search since they may cause adverse reactions on the skin.


It is always helpful to read customer reviews to determine the efficacy of the cream. Other people’s experiences can give you a better understanding of how the product performs and whether it is suitable for your skin type.


Before making a purchase, consider how much you’re willing to spend on a face-brightening cream. Higher-end products may cost more but provide better results in the long run. On the other hand, more affordable options can provide similar levels of effectiveness that are worth considering if you’re on a budget.

Skin Type

Certain creams are more suitable for oily or dry skin types, so make sure to check the label before purchasing. It’s also important to read the instructions carefully when applying any kind of face cream as they usually contain information on how much product you should be using and what order you should apply it in regards to your other skincare products.


Thicker creams provide more coverage and may require fewer applications but some people prefer lighter textures that don’t feel greasy or heavy on the skin. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here so you will probably have to experiment with different options until you find one that works best for your skin type and personal preference. Just keep in mind that in general, lighter creams are better for oilier skin, and thicker creams are typically more beneficial for drier skin types. If you have normal or combination skin, you may be one of the people who will have to experiment with different creams.


Many brightening creams contain anti-aging ingredients such as antioxidants or peptides that can make a difference in the long term. They can help reduce lines and wrinkles while brightening your complexion at the same time. If you want to target specific signs of aging, read up on the active ingredients in each product before buying so you know which ones are most beneficial for your age group.


Many face-brightening creams come with a pleasant scent, but some people prefer unscented products due to sensitivity or allergies. It’s always a good idea to look for products that are free of fragrance or feature a scent that doesn’t irritate your skin or senses.


Finally, be mindful when purchasing any beauty product. Check if it uses responsible and ethical ingredients in its formulation. Doing so ensures that you are not supporting suppliers that use unethical practices when manufacturing their products.

People Also Asked

Q: What ingredients are in face-brightening creams?

A: Face brightening creams typically contain a combination of active ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, hydroquinone, kojic acid, or niacinamide. They may also contain natural oils, such as jojoba or coconut oil, as well as other moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin.

Q: Are face brightening creams suitable for all skin types?

A: No, face brightening creams are not suitable for all skin types as some active ingredients can cause irritation to some. It’s always best for individuals to consult with a dermatologist prior to using any products containing active ingredients.

Q: Do face brightening creams come with any side effects?

A: Yes, some face brightening creams can cause side effects such as dryness, irritation, redness, peeling, or a burning sensation on the skin. This is why it’s best to use these products with caution and under the supervision of a skincare professional (especially if you have dry or sensitive skin).

Q: Is it safe to use face brightening creams daily?

A: Using face brightening creams daily may irritate and sensitize the skin if you use them too often or excessively. As with most skincare products, follow the directions on their labels carefully in order to avoid unnecessary side effects. Also, try to build up your usage slowly to see how your skin tolerates it.

Q: Is sunscreen necessary while using a face brightening cream?

A: Yes, sunscreen is essential while using a face brightening cream as it helps prevent further sun damage and protects the skin from UV radiation. It’s absolutely essential to choose a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen for optimal protection against the sun’s harmful rays. You’ll also want to make sure you reapply it throughout the day.

Q: How much does a quality face brightening cream cost?

A: The cost of face brightening creams can range from around $10-$50 depending on the brand, size of the product, and the active ingredients it contains. Just be sure to analyze both your budget and the ingredients before making your final purchase.

Q: Does applying face brightening creams increase skin sensitivity?

A: Yes, some face brightening creams can increase the skin’s sensitivity due to their active ingredients. They can lead to irritation if you don’t use them properly or overuse them. This is why it’s important to always test out products on a small part of your body before using them on your entire face in order to ensure that your skin does not react adversely towards them.

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Which is the best face cream for daily use? ›

Face Moisturizer & Day Cream Price List
Face Moisturizer & Day CreamPrice
The Face Shop White Seed Brightening Lotion With 2% Niacinamide₹1690
Vedic Line Choco Deli Sugar Scrub With Cocoa Seed Butter₹250
Olay Total Effects Day Cream For Sensitive Skin - Niacinamide₹899
1 more row

Does brightening cream lighten skin? ›

Skin lightening creams, also known as skin brightening creams, are designed to lighten skin color. The creams are often used to spot-treat dark areas of the skin, such as age spots or acne scars. They are sometimes used to lighten the complexion overall.

Which face cream gives instant glow? ›

Face Glow Cream Product Price List
Face Glow Cream ProductPrice
1. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream (80 g)₹472
2. Nivea Soft Light Moisturising Cream (100 ml)₹176
3. Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily Moisturisng Cream SPF 25 | For All Skin types | 50g₹363
8 more rows

Which face cream makes skin glow? ›

Olay 99% Pure Niacinamide Face Cream l Fights Dark Spots, Dullness and Provides Radiant Glow l Suitable for Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination Skin l Parabens and Sulphate-free l 50g.

Which serum is best for brightening and glowing skin? ›

Face serum for glowing skin: Best ones to pick from
  • LAKMÉ Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Brightening Face Serum. ...
  • Garnier Skin Naturals, Face Serum. ...
  • L'Oréal Paris Brightening Serum. ...
  • Plum 15% Vitamin C Face Serum. ...
  • Good Vibes Rose Hip Radiant Glow Face Serum. ...
  • Minimalist 10% Vitamin C Face Serum.
Jun 13, 2023

What is the best thing to brighten your face? ›

5 Skincare Tips to Help Brighten your Skin
  • Prevent Pore Buildup With a Jelly Cleanser. Dull skin is often caused by pore buildup. ...
  • Brighten Skin With a Gentle Exfoliator. ...
  • Apply Moisturizer Daily. ...
  • Treat Your Skin To a Brightening Mask. ...
  • Shield Your Skin From Sun Exposure. ...
  • De-Stress. ...
  • Stay Hydrated. ...
  • Get Enough Sleep.

What can I use to brighten my skin fast? ›

Lemon juice + Honey + Milk

A lemon juice-infused face pack is sure to make your skin a few shades lighter. From skin brightening and reducing the appearance of dark spots to treating freckles and oily skin, lemon juice is gold for your skin. Honey on the other is an elixir for skin problems.

What can I put on my face everyday? ›

What Belongs in Your Skin Care Cabinet
  1. Cleanser. Cleanser is what you'll use to wash your face and it's important to use a product intended for your face – not just whatever bar or body wash you have lying around. ...
  2. Toner. ...
  3. Moisturizer. ...
  4. Sunscreen. ...
  5. Exfoliation. ...
  6. Serum.

What should you put on your face everyday? ›

  1. Cleanser. Face cleansing should be the first step in any skincare routine, as it clears away impurities and excess oil that can clog pores and dull skin. ...
  2. Toner. ...
  3. Serum. ...
  4. Eye Cream. ...
  5. Moisturizer. ...
  6. Sunscreen. ...
  7. Cleanser. ...
  8. Toner.
Mar 17, 2023

Can I use brightening cream everyday? ›

Most skin lightening creams will ask you to apply them once or twice a day, usually in the evening. They should only be applied to the darkened area of skin specifically. Some more potent creams should be used every other day, or only a couple of days per week.

Which is better brightening or lightening? ›

What's the basic difference between skin lightening and brightening? Lightening is reducing pigmentation and brightness is increasing radiance and glow of skin. Lightening has to do with discoloration and evening of skin tone. Brightening is more about restoring vibrancy to the skin.

Which is better brightening or whitening? ›

Whitening offers a more intensive treatment than brightening. Whitening products reduces pigmentation, dark spots, scars and discoloration by evening out skin tone.

What makes face glow faster? ›

How to Get Glowing Skin
  1. Wash your face regularly with a gentle facial cleanser. ...
  2. Exfoliate a couple of times a week at most. ...
  3. Apply a facial toner. ...
  4. Use a vitamin C serum for brighter skin. ...
  5. Lather on a moisturizer. ...
  6. Try a hydrating face mask. ...
  7. Protect your skin with a daily sunscreen. ...
  8. Look for brightening skincare products.
Mar 7, 2022

How can I get instant glow in 2 days? ›

10 Easy Ways To Get Glowing Skin Overnight
  1. Go To Bed With A Cleansed Face. ...
  2. Make Your Own Green Tea Toner. ...
  3. Don't Skip Serum. ...
  4. Add Vitamin C In Your Nighttime Skincare Routine. ...
  5. Exfoliate With Oats Milk And Rose Water Scrub. ...
  6. Pamper Your Skin With A Sheet Mask. ...
  7. Try Facial Oils. ...
  8. Pay Attention To Your Eyes.
Dec 6, 2022

What can I put on my face for overnight glow? ›

  1. Milk. Milk is a great ingredient for your skin. ...
  2. Coconut oil. Most people use coconut oil for hair but you can also apply coconut oil on your face to get glowing skin! ...
  3. Almond oil. Almond oil is great for your skin. ...
  4. Rose Water. Rosewater is undoubtedly a magic potion for beauty. ...
  5. Honey. advertisement. ...
  6. Aloe vera gel. ...
  7. Scrub.
Oct 10, 2020

What are the top 5 face serums? ›

The List: Best Face Serum, According To Skin Experts
  • Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum. This serum was the top recommended across more than 50% of our found sources. ...
  • SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum. ...
  • L'Oreal Paris RevitaLift Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum. ...
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. ...
  • La Roche-Posay Retinol Face Serum.
Jan 6, 2023

How can I tighten and brighten my face? ›

6 Anti-Aging Home Remedies to Lighten, Brighten and Tighten
  1. Lemon and honey moisturizer. Lemon contains loads of Vitamin C (which enhances skin lightening). ...
  2. Potato Juice Cleanser. Vitamin A is a major component of a sweet potato. ...
  3. Papaya face mask. ...
  4. Banana facial mask. ...
  5. Avocado wrinkle face mask. ...
  6. Add ginger to your diet or bath.
Jan 29, 2015

How can I make my skin brighter in a week? ›

10 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin
  1. Coconut oil.
  2. Aloe vera.
  3. Moisturize.
  4. Sunscreen.
  5. Cleanse.
  6. Avoid smoke.
  7. Hydrate.
  8. Healthy diet.
Sep 27, 2018

How can I make my skin brighter in 5 days? ›

Exfoliate your skin using a mixture of sugar, oatmeal, and coconut oil twice or thrice a week. This can give a visibly-brighter skin almost instantly as this scrub can remove dead skin cells and help your skin breathe better. Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with a teaspoon of coffee powder and massage it on your skin.

What drinks make your skin glow? ›

Here are 5 drinks that will help you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals for better-looking skin, stat!
  • Water. ...
  • Pineapple-Banana Turmeric Smoothie. ...
  • Coffee and Green Tea. ...
  • Kombucha. ...
  • Bok Choy Ginger Juice.
Oct 5, 2022

What is the #1 skin care line in America? ›

Rodan + Fields is currently the top-selling skincare brand in North America in terms of total sales, according to Euromonitor.

What are the 3 most important skin care products? ›

Three Essential Elements in a Basic Skincare Routine
  1. Step 1: Cleanser. Choosing a cleanser that's specifically formulated for the face (rather than the body) is the first essential step in a basic skincare routine. ...
  2. Step 2: Moisturizer. ...
  3. Step 3: Sunscreen. ...
  4. 3 (or 5) simple steps to beautiful skin.

How can I make my skin look good all day? ›

Tips for Healthy Skin
  1. Wash up.
  2. Block sun damage. Avoid intense sun exposure, use sunscreen, and wear protective clothing.
  3. Don't use tanning beds or sunlamps. They emit the same harmful UV radiation as the sun.
  4. Avoid dry skin. ...
  5. Reduce stress. ...
  6. Get enough sleep. ...
  7. Speak up.

How can I make my face look better? ›

10 skin care secrets for healthier-looking skin
  1. Apply sunscreen every day before you go outdoors. ...
  2. Don't smoke. ...
  3. Check your skin for skin cancer. ...
  4. Use a self-tanner if you like looking tanned. ...
  5. Use skin care products that match your skin's needs. ...
  6. Resist the urge to scrub your skin clean.

What should we apply on face before bed? ›

Use products that will regenerate the skin at night. Look for repairing, exfoliating, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Some of the best ingredients to find in night creams are retinols, hyaluronic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, and antioxidants. Retinols help with fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots.

What products do dermatologists recommend? ›

This simple routine ultimately sets the base for her everyday makeup routine.
  • La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Wash. ...
  • Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser. ...
  • Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Daily Face Moisturizer. ...
  • Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. ...
  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. ...
  • Cerave PM Face Moisturizer.
Mar 23, 2023

How do dermatologists get glowing skin? ›

While moisturizing daily with a high-quality, non-comedogenic topical is important for hydrating the skin, drinking enough water and loading up on moisture-packed food, such as fruit and vegetables, is also essential for achieving soft, glowing skin!

What is a brightening moisturizer? ›

Skin-brightening moisturizers (sometimes called lightening or whitening creams) are a special category of skincare products formulated to address issues like dullness and dark spots.

When should I use brightening cream? ›

Skin brightening creams can diminish the appearance of darker spots on the surface of the skin caused by ageing, sunlight, and hormonal changes. If you're suffering from melasma or post-inflammatory marks from eczema and psoriasis, a brightening cream can help reduce the visibility of such spots.

What is the difference between brightening cream and whitening cream? ›

Skin Whitening creams show results instantly within 2-3 days of use, whereas lightening creams increase radiance, target sunspots, dark spots and increase natural glow of skin. Skin Lightening creams reduce discoloration and make skin even tone.

Do skin brightening creams work? ›

There is no health benefit to skin bleaching. Results aren't guaranteed and there's evidence that skin lightening can result in serious side effects and complications. From a medical standpoint, there's no need to lighten the skin.

Are brightening creams safe? ›

Should I be concerned? People who use skin products containing mercury have been found to have elevated mercury levels in their hair, blood, and urine. Mercury can damage the kidneys, affect the nervous system, or cause pain or rashes. Pregnant women and women of child-bearing age should avoid exposure to mercury.

How do I know if my skin needs brightening? ›

Brightening products help get rid of dead skin cells and fade spots and blemishes, giving you clearer complexion and smoother skin. So if you have acne scars, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, or dull skin, those are very clear signs that you need brightening.

What brightens skin and lightens? ›

Brightening is more about restoring vibrancy to the skin. What ingredients should you look for in a lightener? Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Arbutine, Vitamin C and retinol. What ingredients should you look for in a brightener? Vitamin C, retinol, alpha and beta hydroxy acids.

What should we apply on face for brightening skin? ›

  • Turmeric (Skin Type- Dry & Oil)
  • Honey (Skin Type – Oily, Acne-Prone & Combination)
  • Olive Oil (Skin Type- Dry)
  • Orange Juice (Skin Type- All)
  • Milk (Skin Type- Oily, Acne Prone and Dry)
  • Besan (Skin Types-All)
  • Cucumber (Skin Types- Acne-Prone, Dry & Sensitive)
  • Papaya (Skin Type-Dry)
Apr 27, 2023

How can I make my face brighter and glowing? ›

How to Get Glowing Skin
  1. Wash your face regularly with a gentle facial cleanser. ...
  2. Exfoliate a couple of times a week at most. ...
  3. Apply a facial toner. ...
  4. Use a vitamin C serum for brighter skin. ...
  5. Lather on a moisturizer. ...
  6. Try a hydrating face mask. ...
  7. Protect your skin with a daily sunscreen. ...
  8. Look for brightening skincare products.
Mar 7, 2022

How can I glow my face in 3 days? ›

Yep, you can thank us later.
  1. Go To Bed With A Cleansed Face. ...
  2. Make Your Own Green Tea Toner. ...
  3. Don't Skip Serum. ...
  4. Add Vitamin C In Your Nighttime Skincare Routine. ...
  5. Exfoliate With Oats Milk And Rose Water Scrub. ...
  6. Pamper Your Skin With A Sheet Mask. ...
  7. Try Facial Oils. ...
  8. Pay Attention To Your Eyes.
Dec 6, 2022

What do Koreans use for skin brightening? ›

The ingredients, such as vitamin C, licorice-root extract or mulberry extract, in these whitening products help to gently break down the melanin clusters that cause unwanted freckles or spots and even out the skin tone by getting rid of dead skin cells by helping the skin renew itself.


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